Working from home… the trial run?

laptop in lap

Well, the network, internet, and email were down today at work as a new server was being put in. Thankfully, I knew about this ahead of time, so I decided to work from home. Now that we have the new MacBook, this is possible from the comfort of the sofa, which is where I was parked most of the day. I would say I was still equally productive… I got the podcast up, sent some files to a vendor, and researched and put together an outline for a new project I’ve got coming up. That’s about a normal day’s worth of work.

So with Meghan becoming a doctor soon, and I dunno… assuming we start a family in the not-so-near future, this begs the question, will I opt to become a work-from-home, stay-at-home dad? Okay, before I nearly gag on that last word, let’s just try to focus on the work-from-home part. I am blessed with being in a career that allows great freedom in choosing your location. For instance, I could design a logo for someone across the country (which I have done), and just send files back and forth through email, while doing all the work right here. Give me a laptop, wireless access, and a little background music, and any place I can plant my posterior can become my office. Also, I gain back half an hour that I’m no longer spending in my car getting to and from the workplace… not to mention saving on gas.

But before you all think I’m going to start spending my Monday through Friday lounging on the sofa, with my feet up and a movie on in the background… I learned something today. It’s often hard enough for me to “leave work at work,” but now I’ve realized it’s even harder when “work” is home. I ended up working until nearly 6:30 tonight because I hadn’t yet finished what I was working on.

If I normally worked from home, would I be able to tear myself away to spend time with my family? Would I keep being tempted to go back and work in the late hours of the night, just because it was accessable? I would hope not, but I’m not so sure I want to find out… just yet anyways. For now, it’s back to the office.

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