photo-3 (I’ll try to look at the camera next time :))

Bonjour mes amis!  Hello my friends!  Today has been another low key day of staying out of the heat.  I remember this humid heat from Togo, but there is a difference between remembering it and feeling it soak into your skin with a stickiness that feels like it will never peel away.  I have been thinking about Togo a lot these days as all of the memories rush back in.  Much is the same, but much is different.  Unfortunately there is no fresh fruit or veggies like we got (and cheaply) at the markets in Togo.  They don’t even have the big open markets with all the colors and smells and chatter.  I knew this coming, but it is sad.  I am sad that Jeff will not see them and we cannot share them with you through video.

It is prettier here, though.  you can somewhat see all the trees behind us in the pic.  We just stepped out of our screened porch for that shot.  It is definitely ‘the jungle’.  No wild animals wandering around, but that is probably a good thing.  All of the missionaries have pretty nice houses here.  Of course not as nice as doctors living in the states, but they are not bad.  And as Jeff mentioned yesterday, there is even a pool!

French is coming along better for me than Jeff (which I guess it should) but it helps that at least one of us understands about half.  That’s how church was this morning.  Some people I could understand well, others were very difficult.  Someone said something about girls wearing pants and not skirts and I couldn’t tell if he was saying that was OK or should not be done… guess I’ll keep wearing skirts to church from now on, just to be sure!  There was a lot of charismatic singing this morning and then several people spoke- a sermon, some announcments, a testimony (I think) and then it seemed like someone was explaining about a funeral!?!  Apparently there are/were 4 funerals in this little town this weekend and one was of someone important.  It seems that they get shirts made with that person’s picture and birth and death dates to wear.  We are not so sure that we would want that when the time comes…

We get to work tomorrow.  I suppose I will be working on the Medicine “team” (it might just be me and the doctor that shares our little house with us) this month and then Peds next month.  Hopefully I can steal away to see some surgeries/babies being born as well.  I’d love to catch some babies if the midwives let me.  I just need to know ‘Don’t Push!’ and ‘Push!’  in french for that one!


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