I found Earth’s Last Eden…

Today was full of little adventures for me.  Unfortunately, Jeff’s adventures were confined to the bedroom.  He has Traveler’s Diarrhea.  It is pretty common and I’m sure he will get better fast, but today he’s not feeling so hot.  Prayer is appreciated for that!

Today I started out the day by doing rounds by myself!  This is my second day, mind you.  The medicine doctor doesn’t go down to the hospital on Tuesdays, so I saw all the patients and it seemed from what I understood that there weren’t really any problems.  After that, I went on the rest of the Peds rounds with the Pediatrician and then I saw several prenatal visits with the Gabonese midwife.  I had a hard time understanding her French, let alone when she spoke in the local language.  I am doing fine understanding the Americans when they speak French, but sometimes I have a hard time with the Gabonese, especially if they aren’t looking at me or are far away.  Luckily I had the afternoon to read up on a few things and I snuck away to take some photos as well.


You can’t tell from this photo, but this is a view from the top of the hill where our houses are (this is still a ways up from our house) and you can see miles and miles of jungle!  It was amazing!  When I walked up, my mouth just fell open.  Here are a few more shots from my walk…

banana_tree1 so apparently there are bananas…

papaya_tree1and even papayas!  But we still aren’t able to get fresh fruit to eat…


One thought on “I found Earth’s Last Eden…

  1. Beautiful pictures Meg! FYI: the high today will be 2 degrees. 😦 Will be continuing to pray for you two, esp. Jeff’s recovery.

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