Meat-tolerater’s pizza

Meal time is always an interesting part of the day here in Gabon. It’s not that we don’t have any food or any way of making it… we do. It’s just that we are usually missing a few key ingredients to be able to make the same kind of things we enjoy in the States. But does that stop us? Not in the least. Meg has been braving into the unknown recently with some of our dinner entrees, substituting milk powder for milk, pancake mix for baking soda and flour, and canned hot dogs for pepperoni. We’ve also been relying heavily on the internet at times for recipes and work-arounds for the ingredients we don’t have. Here’s a few pictures from last night’s adventure in pizza-making.




The crust and sauce were normal, but the cheese we were using is called Edam (I think) and is sliced from a block of the stuff. It actually tastes better than it smells, and is somewhat reminscent of Swiss. Our toppings included tomatoes, garlic, onion, thinly-sliced hot dogs from a can, and canned chicken chunks that we “marinated” in Teriyaki sauce. Add to all this the fact that we don’t have an oven that has a temperature dial, so we have no idea how hot it is or for how long we should bake whatever we put into it. Surprisingly, the pizza came out perfectly and tasted really good, canned meats and all. For dessert Meg made a chocolate cake from pancake mix, chocolate milk powder, sugar, mayonnaise, and eggs. It also turned out to be a delicious treat. My wife is a culinary genius!

On other occasions, we have made Ziploc bag ice cream, a full pan of lasagna, a box of tuna helper (with canned ham instead of tuna), and many other exotic, yet scrumptious delicacies. Here’s a couple pics of our ice cream making adventure.



2 thoughts on “Meat-tolerater’s pizza

  1. hot dog + pizza??? You two are so funny.
    I have loved reading your posts. You are having quite an adventure and how cool to hear how you are connecting with the people there. I’ll be praying for your impact there and for your friend “Abraham”.
    All is well here…couldn’t help being jealous of you last week being in hot weather as it was so cold here. 😉
    luv ya, Kristina

  2. Have you used your Spam yet? We should’ve gotten you guys some tuna, I guess!

    The ice cream looked delicious!


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