prayer request

pill_bottlesEvery day I am learning more and more about healthcare in Gabon.  Today one of the doctors came back from Libreville, the capitol, and we had expected him to bring with him HIV tests and some ARV’s (HIV meds) for our pregnant women with HIV.  He came back, essentially shrugging his shoulders saying, “They’re all out.”  As in, the country of Gabon is all out.  It is a delicate task to obtain these items and I ask that you could pray for this cause.  There is a new AIDS building at Bongolo that is waiting for doctors and tests and medicines and support groups and we are close on all of these things, but much prayer is still required.  Right now, the building sits more or less empty.  I request this today because it seems that after 3+ years of prayer and planning, things may actually start to happen in the next week or so.  I had a heavy heart today as the pediatrician was telling me of these difficulties and frustrations, but there is hope… and that sustains.

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