RE: “More craziness…”

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the post entitled, “More craziness…”. I felt that the Lord was convicting me for the tone that I used in that post, making it seem that I was directing my frustrations over the different stories we’ve been hearing and encountering at the Gabonese people. God reminded me that these are the very people that Jesus loves and gave His life for. They are the reason He came. My frustrations should not be directed at them, but at Satan who is the Father of lies and the one who has twisted the life-saving truth of the Gospel in this and other regions in Africa (even the world). It is not all that different back home in the U.S., we’ve just replaced things like witchdoctors, superstitions, and spiritism with our different lusts, for power, money, and material possessions (among many others). So the former post has been removed, not because any of the stories were false or from a fear of speaking the truth, but out of respect for the people of whose country we are in and to redirect the focus of my frustration.

By the way, it appears as though I have fallen sick again. Not to alarm any of you, as it is only a slight fever and general achiness, but your prayers for a swift recovery are again most appreciated. God bless!

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