why not?

egg1 I have come to quite enjoy our (Amy, Jeff, and I) dinner conversations these days. I now wish I had been keeping track of them. We always seem to ponder, for at least 30 minutes, something that is quite unimportant and random. We are not pressured to end these conversations by various tasks that need to be done by the next day so we just let ourselves wonder. Tonight’s conversation was to debate how eggs “decide” whether to become chickens or just eggs. After consulting wikipedia (many of these conversations end this way… what would we do without internet?!) we learned that a rooster must have relations with the hen before eggs are hatched in order to make a chicken. Otherwise, she will still lay the eggs (up to 12 in a two week period) and she will incubate them together, waiting for 21 days to see if chickens emerge. If not, she gives up and goes on with her life.

I don’t have some pithy way to say how this is an allegory on human life, I just love curiosity for curiosity’s sake. Other dinner conversations have included the difference between geckos and lizards, what foods that we could find here that contain protein and/or fiber, which snakes in Gabon are the most poisonous, what exactly is a trans-fat/partially hydrogenated oil, coke vs. pepsi vs. mcdonalds on a global scale (coke is far superior in terms of taking over the world btw), french miscues (such as asking various patients if they are their medical problems instead of if they have them), and many others I cannot recall.  It has been a challenge, but also a joy, to create our own entertainment.  I never knew how long, and how much pleasure I could get from just thinking about seemingly meaningless things.  Then again, I was a philosophy major…

One thought on “why not?

  1. I love that you guys discussed chickens. Although I believe they are some of the cruelest of God’s creation, some people do find them fascinating. My parent’s (specifically my mom) raise organic, free-range chickens. When you guys get back to the States, feel free to stop by for a “field trip” of sorts to see the birds in action. 🙂

    Praying for you guys!

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