Superbowl Monday

It’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of the jungle when you have an ESPN replay of the Superbowl on TV.  We were invited over to Dr. Thompson’s house last night to watch what I had heard had been a crazy game, so I was pumped.  I was pumped for many reasons:

1.  It’s the Super Bowl.  I love the Super Bowl.  All of us missionaries (except the one who lived in Pittsburgh for three years) were rallying around Kurt Warner and his underdog Cardinals.  Yes, we knew the outcome, but he didn’t know yet.  We shared how Kurt Warner came to speak at TPCC (and at the time, I didn’t even realize he was still in the NFL!  let alone Super Bowl bound!) and we all agreed that he was the good guy.  It was in fact a great game and I’m glad I saw it.

2.  Brownies.  I had smelled them wafting from Renée’s house earlier, before I knew we were invited to come watch.  This was a very strong attraction.

3.  The Thomspons themselves.  I just finished ‘On Call,’ the book that Dr. Thomspon wrote about his coming to Bongolo earlier that day.  I read it in 2 days (it’s about 150 pages), so that goes to show that it is a pretty good book.  It was really cool to be reading stories of his life, especially the first years he was here.  One story would have him racing on his motorbike right past where we are now staying.  It is a little intimidating to read all these fantastic stories and then go over to his house.  But he is a nice and humble man, as one would expect from a missionary.  In fact, it did seem a little paradoxical to be watching something as mundane and admittedly frivolous as football with him and the other missionaries.

Dr. Thompson's auto-biography

Dr. Thompson's auto-biography


Here are the three guys that have been here almost a month working on the X-Ray building with Becki Thomspon, Dr. Thompson’s wife.


Renée, Jeff, and Dr. Thompson watching the game.  Paul and Meladee Davis and Keir Thelander were also there.

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