Mealtime has become an adventure in and of itself.  I enjoy trying to come up with new things to make with the same limited ingredients, including whatever we can pick off the trees or find in the freezer (who knows how long those things have been there!).

A few weeks ago, I made avocado bread (slightly reminiscent of zucchini bread) from the avocado Jeff jumped up and got off of one of the trees.


Today, we learned how to boil peanuts that came straight from the ground (after washing them a lot!).  They don’t taste anything like the roasted peanuts we are used to, but they aren’t bad.  These were given as a gift to Amy and Lisa (one of the missionaries here) from someone at the church they went to today.  Here I am peeling them– they are small and white! (You can also admire my sunburned shoulders :))


For dinner tonight, we used Renée’s oven because it comes with a chicken rotisserie spinning rod.  Since our chickens come whole, this is very convenient.  I combined this with some homemade “mall pretzels,” as the recipe calls them.  Half were salted, half were cinnamon sugar– we ate all 12!  There were also supposed to be potato pancakes, but they don’t work very well with instant mashed potatoes (plus I tried to do it without a recipe- not a good idea).  So, we had corn instead.


We have also been getting some new fruits.  We were finally able to find some bananas that were reachable… they had already fallen on the ground.  Jeff wielded a machete to get some bananas African-style.


We also found a new fruit to try.  It is called coeur de boeuf in french, no one is really sure what the english name is.  It translates to “beef heart,” so I’m not sure if that is what one would call it.  It is quite large.  We picked this one in the picture, but it’s not quite ripe yet.  I’ll have to show you a pic of the inside later.  I had it once in Togo.  It is white and pulpy and very sweet.


Last, but not least, I think the most popular food here is us!  We are getting bug bites like it is our job.  We were sitting out on our screened in porch (screened in, mind you!) and we all counted about 10 new bug bites.  The ones that get you are these little guys we call “no see-ums.”  I think they are called bofuru here.  As you might imagine, you can’t see them.  First they leave a big red spot, then the next day they turn in to your regular itchy bump.  These frankly are the bane of my existence here and probably the thing I will LEAST miss here (that, and the ants everywhere).  Tonight I even got bit UNDER my ring!!  (For those of you that might notice…  don’t worry, I didn’t lose my wedding and engagement rings, I just didn’t bring them–and I really miss them by the way! 🙂  This is my simple African version of my ring.)


3 thoughts on “foodstuff

  1. Wow…you never cease to amaze me, Martha! And Jeff, sounds like you are earning your keep bringing in the fruit.

    Rosie (Chowdery) just arrived this weekend with Molly. We made chicken curry one afternoon and homemade spaghetti and meat sauce in the evening. I made garlic bread! In Ghana, we would make omelette and pancake concoctions. Nothing like a little Africa to challenge your resourcefulness in the kitchen.

  2. Laughed out loud picturing Jeff jumping for the avocado! Looking forward to you guys coming back.

    Austin and Kristina

  3. Coeur de boeuf in English is soursop. Can’t say I’m really a fan though, ours was really sour. Did you guys like it?


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