friday the 13th

We had another rain storm today.  These things are crazy.  The lightning completely surrounds you, the rain beats down on the tin roofs, usually the electricity flickers on and off.  Here is a clip of what we hear and see out our screened-in porch during a rainstorm during the day.  It’s even more dramatic at night with the lightning… I’ll have to catch that next time.  I wish I could include the smell and feel of the breeze as well, they are classic.

After the rainstorm and an awesome dinner of garlic chicken that Amy made, we headed next door to Renée’s for game night. This is our friday night tradition with some of the other missionaries. We played Ticket to Ride again, one of our new favorites. I made some elephant ears that turned out well, but our stomach’s aren’t used to fried food right now, so we’re all moving a little slow now! We were just happy that this storm left our electricity intact and we didn’t have to play games by candlelight like last week! As you can see, it was a little scary!


Jeff, Me, Jessica, Amy playing Ticket to Ride last Friday in the dark!

Amy and Lisa planning their routes

Amy and Lisa planning their routes

In other news, it is still incredibly hot here when it is not raining.  I think it’s been hovering around 100 with the humidity this week.  Today as I walked down the hill to the hospital after lunch, it felt as though the slight breeze was from a fire burning a foot from my face.  It’s literally like being in an oven.

We thought that instead of doing the run-down of 2008, we’d do a little run-down of Gabon.  Here are our lists of things we will and will not miss about Gabon–

Things we will miss:

  • the Gabonese
  • the missionaries
  • the warmth
  • the tropical landscapes
  • the freedom from responsibility (somewhat)
  • the simplicity
  • the chance to read and write
  • french (Meghan, at least!)
  • feeling like we’re making some sort of small difference
  • other people thinking we are making a difference
  • new adventures
  • friday night game nights
  • photo opps every where
  • seeing each other at noon every day for lunch
  • having good blog fodder
  • wearing flip-flops and short sleeves to work
  • seeing grass all around instead of pavement
  • hearing birds all around instead of cars
  • ease of getting ready in the morning
  • living in community
  • swimming in the middle of “winter”
  • having a housekeeper most weeks
  • good dinner conversations
  • creative food concoctions and time to make them
  • escaping from the materialism/consumerism of America
  • sleeping in (only Jeff on that one unfortunately!)
  • awesome (looking) storms

Things we will NOT miss:

  • bug bites!!
  • the heat/humidity
  • inability to cook because of kitchen/lack of ingredients (we get around this one ok I think)
  • brushing teeth from a water bottle
  • not being understood/french
  • no car
  • constipation/diarrhea, can’t seem to decide from day to day
  • inability to make a difference
  • constantly being coated in sweat/bug spray/sweat/bug spray
  • slow internet (at least we have it!)
  • threat of snakes entering the house
  • powdered milk
  • working on a presentation in french (Meghan)
  • having a roommate (no offense Amy!)
  • uncomfortable bed (again, at least we have it!)
  • geckos/spiders/other undesirables in the house
  • fierce lightning storms that threaten to send fireballs through the house
  • frequent power outtages
  • collecting and taking out to burn all our garbage (luckily our housekeeper helps with that)
  • towels that feel like sandpaper after washing them (but, we have a washer!)
  • only 5 outfits to choose from
  • not many fresh fruits/vegetables

All in all, I’d say the things I will miss outweigh the things I will not miss.  To paraphrase from Wicked, I believe that we have been changed for the better and I hope that we have been changed for good.

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