V-Day, Disney’s jungle ride, patient pics, elephant dung, and church on the Congo border…

Okay, we realize that many of you are checking our site every day eager for news and information only to leave disappointed because we’ve been posting more infrequently. There are a few reasons for this… let me explain. First, this last week up until the weekend has not been all that exciting, especially for me who has spent the majority of each day inside the guesthouse in front of my computer working on projects for both here and church back home. I just haven’t gotten out much! Secondly, this past weekend was full of little adventures for us (see the title of this post), for which we have tons of great photos and videos that we’re very eager to share with all of you, HOWEVER, we haven’t had the time to go through all of what we captured to organize, select, and produce something to post. But the biggest reason we haven’t posted much lately is because we are both using the computer night and day for other purposes. Meg’s hour-long presentation (that she’ll be giving entirely in French) is on Wednesday morning, and she has been working tirelessly to prepare her powerpoint slides for that. Please pray for her in the coming days, and especially on Tuesday night that she’ll give a clear and excellent presentation and not be too nervous about it. As for me, I have been and will be (especially this week as our time here begins to wind down) working hard and long to finish the website that I’ve designed and built for Bongolo Hospital. My goal is that it’s live and online by the time we leave… a very tall order. Please pray for me to have the endurance and swiftness in finishing this project, and especially that the internet will continue to work (if not work a little faster). Go check out the current site at www.bongolohospital.org so you’ll know what it used to look like before the big change… I will be sure to send out the link again when it’s finished. So all in all, this post is to let you know we are still experiencing many amazing and wonderful things, but will have to wait on posting about them until at least Wednesday, so please check back then! Only two weeks till home!

2 thoughts on “V-Day, Disney’s jungle ride, patient pics, elephant dung, and church on the Congo border…

  1. Meg, bonne chance avec ton presentation. Dieu tu bénisse.

    Jeff, same to you with the website. This will be such a blessing to Bongolo and its supporters.

    I can’t wait to see you guys in March and share photos (over pizza or burritos or something we can’t get in Africa…).

  2. Jeff, you and Meghan will continue to be in my prayers–as you have been remembered daily. I’ll be specifically praying for all those projects with which you both are involved.

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