Goodbye Bongolo!

I was sad today as I left the office for the last time. I made one more round at the Peds ward to say bye to all the kids and families.  I even sat with them for a bit while one of the moms braided my hair à l’Afrique!  I have really enjoyed my time with them and they will be missed.  We leave tomorrow morning in the car to go to Mouila, about 2 hours away.  Then we get on a little plane to go back to Libreville.  We will be in Libreville until Sunday and back in Indiana on Monday.  Our time in Libreville should be interesting because the people whose house we are staying at will actually be here at Bongolo for the length of our stay (we are there Wed to Sun, they will be here Wed to Sun– go figure!).  Hopefully we can still get around ok and see some things!  We hope to put up many blog posts in the coming days as Jeff won’t be working on the website 24/7 so stay tuned!!


getting my hair braided with the mamans des malades


the finished product... bye bye bongolo!

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