one of my kids…

Here is one of my pent up blogs that has been waiting to come out. 🙂  A couple weeks ago I had a boy in the Peds ward who is one of the cutest kids ever.  Unfortunately, he is another “cardiac kid,” as we call them because strangely they are quite common (much more so than in the States… we think it might be because of malaria or medicines that shouldn’t be given in pregnancy causing malformations).  When this boy first got here one afternoon he would cry out every time I tried to listen to his heart or lungs or even just talk to him.  He would lay curled up in his bed with his back against the wall so I couldn’t get my stethoscope around to hear his lungs.  When I did finally hear his lungs, they didn’t sound good, full of fluid or infection and his pulse ox (amount of oxygen in the blood) was 50% (normal is 100%).  We put him on antibiotics, oxygen, and breathing treatments.

Claude Alain Mando Bongo

Claude Alain Mando Bongo

He went through this whole routine for a couple days, but then luckily started getting better.  Unfortunately, with his lungs clearer, you could hear his roaring heart murmur.  A couple days after he got to Bongolo, we did an echo to see his heart (we’re not great, but get the job done) and we’re pretty sure he has Tetrology of Fallot (a common but not great heart malformation).  But, he has made it to 4 years old, so this is a good sign.  His family is really good too, especially his dad.  All of these things make him a possible candidate for Bongolo’s Project Heart Send where they find charitable surgery spots at places like the Mayo Clinic.  We sent his echo to a cardiologist there, so we’ll see.

Mando and his dad

Mando and his dad

After we finished doing Mando’s echo, he started holding my hand.  I’m not really sure why, but he is so cute.  The next day, I went to go take a picture with him.  I went home early that afternoon because I wasn’t feeling well (I got better) but I learned the next day that he had gone home and I didn’t get to say bye.  I am praying that he can get that heart operation, though.


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