just another day in Gabon

Today was great!! We weren’t expecting much from these last few days here since we are by ourselves without our hosts, but today was really great.  We got to sleep in for the first time in awhile.  We did it up right and slept until 10 or 11 or something.  We also didn’t want to get up too early because we didn’t have much food in the house, so we figured we could get by with two meals instead of three this way.  We managed to put together some things that had been left in the house: croissants with jam, a chocolate pudding for jeff, a tomato and some leftover berry cobbler for me.  Then I made some nutella sandwiches to take with us to the beach!  Pastor Sangoye, a gabonese man that works with the missionaries and the only person we know in Libreville, has been kind enough to take us a few places.  He took us to the beach today, well drove us to the beach.  We were there until sunset and it was beautiful!!



I bought this coconut from a man on the side of the road.  It was huge and delicious!  So this is what Tom Hanks lived off of in Castaway… not bad.


beach_sunsetNot the most beautiful sunset ever recorded (see earlier post) but an amazing end to our beach day.

After our time at the beach, Pastor Sangoye picked us up and took us to Mbolo, the big Walmart-esque superstore to buy some groceries.  It was really expensive.  It was like $5 for 2 slices of deli meat.  Needless to say, we will be living on grilled cheese.  We did get some frozen pizzas that we ate tonight that were very good and reasonably priced.  Here are a few of our favorite finds:

mbolo_foodsA duplo candybar, one of my favs from Rome, Cappucino flavored Light Cola, and Roasted Chicken and Thyme flavored Lays… should be interesting!

3 thoughts on “just another day in Gabon

  1. Yes, the photo of Jeff is great! I’m glad you’re doing ok up here. Prayer Retreat has been wonderful. It gets over today. I got an email that our new website was on WordPress. I couldn’t log in though.

  2. Hey Miller’s,

    GREAT blog… a bummer that I missed you during your visit to Gabon. My wife, Alace, told me about your discussion about postmodern stuff and McClaren and the Velvet Elvis guy, and all that. Glad to know you met my better half.

    Ya’all come back to Gabon and we’ll try to have our airplane by then. We’ll get you some great aerial photos then.

    Take care,


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