Sending us on our way…

We had lots of goodbyes, but probably one of the most poignant for us was our last game night with Amy, Lisa, and Jessica.  We had dinner, once again threatened by electrical outtages.  We had our favorite and most frequent meal: french toast.


Then, we settled in for our favorite pasttime besides eating, playing Ticket to Ride.  I know these pictures of us playing a board game are not that exciting, but I just love it (if you can’t tell from my face), so bear with me!


Then Amy, Jeff, and I were treated to the dancing sensations of Lisa and Jessica.  They had to learn this line dance for some other people that have been here several years and are leaving Gabon.  They put it with one of my fav songs of all time, “Send me on my way” by Rusted Root.  About halfway through we all got up and danced around.  I have videos of both, sorry that the second one flips sideways for a bit.

Then, we kept on dancing and Amy taught us a line dance that was super fast (i.e. why I am not with anyone else ;).


Then, Jeff and I mentioned that we swing dance, so we did a little of that.  I have a video of that too, but it is completely sideways.  I am including it for those of you that were not at our wedding or some other such place to have seen us dance in person.  Again, my apologies on having to turn your computer or your head sideways.

It was a great end to a great two months of sharing with one another.  We are so grateful for the friendship of Amy, Lisa, Jessica, and all the other missionaries that we met along the way.  They will be held always in our hearts and prayers.

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