impending graduation

Not to say we are done blogging about Africa, but to sneak a look forward into the mix…

seuss_cap Graduation is getting closer.  Less than two months now.  I am in such a different place than last time I graduated.  Granted there is a big difference between graduating college and med school.  One sets you off into the world to be “anything” and the other is just one step along the way to physiciandom.  I guess college is a step along that process as well, but when you graduate with a degree in philosophy, it doesn’t always quite seem that way.  On a side note, as I was interviewing, when people asked me what my major had been in college, I got some great responses when I said it was philsophy.  Half were along the lines of “that is awesome” and the other half were more like “what was that all about?”  Anyways, I wanted to share a poem that I found that I wrote right after graduating from college.  I don’t really have a class of 2009 poem, but maybe some day.

Class of 2004

Nothingness is seeping in…
No responsibility placed on me
I have to make what I do
Opportunity yes
But here I can do the wrong thing
It’s not about passing…
It’s about living

Take the little things with me
Take the big things with me
The thoughts
The values
The ideals
The passion
Everything you gave me

I learned something from all of you
Some it was integrity,
Others it was apathy
But no one taught me how to leave

Not coming back
Fly south one more time
What if I want more than a memory
What if I need you
And I just don’t know

Every piece of me is a piece of you
Everything means you
I never could’ve done it for me…
It’s always for you

I’m going to take it all down
Pack up
Move out
Move on

It’s so hard to let go
I’m crying for you.
You didn’t think I cared
But I am crying for you.

Am I running away from life,
Or running into it
Missing it already
Fly away

I don’t know if I’m a little sentimental about the fact that I am not “flying away” this time.  I will likely be staying right here, almost in the same neighborhood even.  We’ll know for sure on thursday.  It’s comforting, but at the same time sometimes I feel like we are settling.  I can tell myself over and over that Indy is a great place to be and we have invested so much into it and our church here, but I guess a part of me always wants the adventure too.  yet, adventure makes you want “home,” so a home we will build.  Are building.  Life builds… we are building.

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