Real Life Week


In seventh grade, we took a week of class to pretend we were going out into the real world to get a job, secure housing, a car, child care if necessary and all these such things.  We were given an education level and some skills and a family and told to accomodate these parameters.  I was a high school graduate with not much in the skills department.  I think I had a small family.  My mom helped me scour the newspaper for an awesome job as a semi-truck driver.  The pay was decent and had good benefits, all things that were completely foreign to me… and quite frankly have remained such until this week.

For those of you not in any way familiar with the medical world, it is Match Week for 4th year medical students.  In November and December I interviewed at several Family Medicine residency programs, most in Indianapolis and a few in Cincinnati.  By the end of February, I had to rank these programs in the order that I would like to work at them.  The programs, similarly ranked candidates that interviewed with them.  Monday I learned that I “matched,” meaning that one of the programs on my list liked me enough to include me on their list.  If all goes in my favor, that will be the top program on my list.  If my top program wanted me, I go there– in other words, I get preference in my rank list, not the programs.  Tomorrow (thursday), I will receive an envelope in front of all of my classmates that says where I will be going.  It is a legally binding agreement- I have to spend the next three years at whichever program is named within that envelope.

We are hoping to stay in Indianapolis.  We have even spoken with a realtor and have gotten the ball rolling on buying a house, hence the other half of Real Life Week coming to fruition.  Luckily we already have cars and we won’t be adding any children this week, but other than that it has been pretty similar to that week back in seventh grade.  Well, hopefully my hairstyle and fashion sense have improved somewhat since then.  (side note: we were talking last night about how we used to say “Don’t ever change!” in yearbooks back in middle school, which is actually the worst wish you could ever give someone at that age.)

Check back tomorrow for the results of the match!

a special treat for you… the real life of meghan (kelly) in seventh grade

meghan_age13this was my favorite dance costume of all time- I think I wore it for halloween at least twice

2 thoughts on “Real Life Week

  1. Good luck on your match. Don’t ever change! Ha! My wish for you is that you continue to evolve and you have evolved into the beautiful person you are over the years. My wish is also that you stay in Indy so I can continue to see you every once in a while 🙂

  2. Ha ha! When I saw the title and first few words, I thought you were going to talk about our freshman Skills Class real life week, when we were married and were supposed to wake up with a baby in the middle of the night.

    Blessings for a Match with your #1! Looking forward to a great day!

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