Match Day!!!

So most of you probably already know, but I matched at St. Vincent hospital in Indianapolis.  It is on the northwest side, where we are now, so we will not move far.  We are now on full force house hunt patrol though!  Match Day was a lot of fun and I think most people were pleased with the results.  Now we just have to graduate!  I put together a little video from the festivities.  Not all of my friends read where they were going into the mic, but I tried to catch the ones who did.  The theme was superheroes with mustaches- some participated, most did not.  I am some sort of silver superhero (I did not wear my cape due to general lack of participation) and Jeff was my mustache :).  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Match Day!!!

  1. Congratulations, Meghan!!!! I don’t remember my match day being so much fun. What a great idea to make a party out of it. I’m glad you got home from Gabon in time to be there for your big day.

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