A Sunny March Sunday

Today was an interesting and fun day. Here’s some highlights…

  • TPCC “Pastor Emeritus” Howard Brammer returned to tag-team-teach with Brockett-the-Rocket. It was a great service!
  • Meg and I “Mike’s-ed” my car, then took advantage of 69¢ Sundays at Rally’s
  • After a delicious greasi-fried meal, we spent the next 3 hours driving through neighborhoods on Indy’s northwest side looking at homes for sale, stopping by several open houses, and getting a general feel for the different communities. (We wanted to get a jump on it before we head out next weekend to look at homes with our realtor.)
  • Today was a beautiful spring day, so after we got home, we changed and drove over to our favorite spot on Eagle Creek Resevoir to play frisbee and pull out the ol’ 48-states blanket, read, and enjoy the great outdoors!

(I recorded this on my Macbook after several tries of it not saving correctly… sorry for the awkward shakiness as I moved the “camera” around. 🙂 )

  • Out of my four NCAA brackets, only one is looking at all promising right now… thankfully most of my teams pulled it out today.
  • And the final kicker… we found my phone tonight. Yes, this is the same phone that I spent over a week looking for after returning from Africa, only to give up and call it in to the insurance and have them send me a new one… AND this after surpassing the 7-day grace period for locating the lost phone after ordering the replacement, in which I could’ve got my money back on the deductible. So now I have two perfectly good working phones in my possession… anyone need a spare? So, where was it? In Meghan’s cloth laptop case, of course! It was right under our noses all along. Why we decided it would be a good idea to put a cell phone in with a laptop we don’t really use anymore, I have no idea, but that’s where it was.

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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