house hunters


As previous posts have mentioned, we are buying a home.  We have looked at 35 or so and have seen almost all of the ones we are going to look at.  We have a few that we like.  There is one that I really like, but as all have suggested, I am trying my hardest not to get emotionally attached.  But all this is more stressful than I would have imagined.  Yes, it’s a lot of money, yes it’s a long committment.  But after spending so much on medical school and committing our entire lives in marriage, none of those seemed as new or crazy.  But still, it’s stressful before you find something that you won’t find one.  Then you find one and you start to get scared that you’ll lose it.  We do have several that we know we would be happy in, so that is comforting.  So, if all goes well we should be figuring this out in the next couple days.  Prayers are definitely appreciated!

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