films that you really want to see, but don’t want to watch


This is the beginning of an article in the most recent Relevant magazine.  The article is good, but the intro is what particularly struck me.  The line about the movies on your shelf that you’ve always intended to watch but are never in the mood for is so true.  There are so many movies that I’m sure are fabulous, but you just aren’t in the mood to feel bad about how good we have it or how bad others have it when it’s Sunday afternoon and the reason you wanted to watch the movie is to feel nothing.  They just never quite make it in the DVD player.  I’m not sure what that says about me, but I was glad to read the editor of Relevant magazine does the same thing.

I also thought the line about “writing a check to assuage my suburban guilt” was very poignant.  Many of you (thankfully for us!) even wrote checks for us so we could go to Africa.  Maybe many of you are also Africa-ed out after reading our blog, but I hope it doesn’t move you to apathy.  I don’t know exactly what I do hope for from sharing our stories in Africa; maybe just awareness, maybe more.

We struggle ourselves with what to do with “Africa”.  What do the stories mean here and now?  What are we meant to do with all that?  It seems that it is about entering a conversation.  So, I guess now we are in it… but with who else?  What are we talking about?  Where are we going?

Check out the rest of the article.

One thought on “films that you really want to see, but don’t want to watch

  1. I like that intro…very honest. Hotel Rwanda actually turned out to be on of my favorite movies. I feel like The Passion of the Christ, Slumdog, and for Lauren, Prancer or any animal movie where the parents die fit into that category of epic movies that we love “but don’t want to watch.”

    I am in the conversation with y’all. We should talk more about the unresolved issues in our minds and hearts. So much to consider…so much to talk about…so much to DO.

    Thanks for your post.

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