I was going through the greeting card aisle today, looking for the perfect card.  I had some time, so I read quite a few.  I often just go for the blank inside card out of frustration for not finding the perfect card.  Other options:

  • giving birthday/wedding cards from whatever holiday happens to be nearby (halloween, 4th of july, etc)
  • giving dad/mom/granddaughter/godson/etc cards to people that do not fit this relationship to you
  • choosing the mahogany cards when they might not really be appropriate for someone as white as me
  • make my own with an assortment of stickers left over from 5th grade (the trick is to find one that still has sticky on it)

So, it came to me today that a vital greeting card genre is missing from every store I have been to.  They have religious cards, they have humor cards, and they even have humor linked to just about anything you can think of (e.g. Administrative Professionals Day- Humor) but they do not have a religious humor section!  Hallmark is really letting us down.  They need a quality side-hug friend of God small group poking-fun type of card.  With pictures of fields of flowers or people holding up their hands in silhouette with a sunset background.  I would buy one every time.

For anyone who doesn’t know what religious humor could possibly be, you have to check out  This link is from my friend Steph.  Click on media and watch the webisodes, music video, and movie trailer.  lol’ed a lot.

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