Jeff’s Birthday

We had a really fun weekend with both Jeff’s birthday on saturday and Easter on sunday.  In lieu of our planned trip to Chicago we decided to head out of town to the south.  On friday afternoon (after lunch with my aunt Sue) we drove down to the town of madison, in southern Indiana.  We had found a really cheap rate for a decent hotel, so we thought we’d go down to the cute little town, have a nice dinner out and then spend the night.  Our “nice dinner out” was a unique experience, to say the least.  We went to the “Key West Shrimp House”– sounds nice enough, right?dscn0955To start off the evening we were sent down to the lounge a.k.a. 70’s play room/fellowship hall in the basement.  We grabbed some free sodas out of the large picnic-style cooler down there and played some connect four.  Shortly our name was called and we went to our seats.



You can see some of the fabulous decor in the pictures behind us.  The food was not very good, nor was the “riverfront view,” but the ambience was classic.  My favorite part was when the somewhat quirky older man who sat us came out and started doing magic tricks.  Also, there were three birthdays around us in the span of about 15 minutes.  They got to wear a lobster hat and were sung to– with a photo for their website to boot!  Based on the quality of the food we had eaten so far, Jeff did not feel that this level of embarassment would be worth whatever dessert could possibly come his way, so he passed on the ‘cake and the singing and all that.’

The next day we went to Clifty Falls State Park, the real reason for our travel to Madison.  We spent pretty much the whole day there and saw tons of waterfalls!  Apparently all the rain that had been making a mess the day before was very advantagous for our waterfall adventuring because they were in full force.  Clifty has four named waterfalls and lots of littler ones.  Jeff will probably want to post some nicer pics, but here is just a taste of what we saw.


tunnelfallsnorthTunnel Falls from the north

tunnelfallssouthTunnel Falls from the south

tunnelTunnel giving the falls its name.  We walked through this tunnel with the help of a family with a flashlight… we never seem to have one of those on hand when we need it!



3deerWe saw three deer right above us that were there for about 10 minutes!


jeffandicliftyA nice sunset over Clifty Falls made us happy!

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