it’s all good in the hood

Last night my cap, gown, and hood came in the mail.  Of course, I immediately tried them on.  The instructions were a great start to this experience: “Upon receiving your gown and academic hood, you’ll want to put it on to admire your distinguished and refined look.”  This is followed by several steps on how to “properly wear the hood” as it is “an essential part of the overall prestigious look.”  This is a nice way to say “I know you are about to become a doctor, but you are not smart enough to figure this out.”  Jeff and I fumbled for at least 10 minutes trying to properly arrange its flowingness.  It did not help that the billowing gown below had lost me within it– that thing is huge!  I could fit like 20 bags of marshmallows in the sleeves.  I think we finally figured it out though, and boy did I feel prestigious.  I will save the more distinguished photos for when I actually graduate, but here are some for now…

sumogradcheck out those guns!

hoodthat crazy hood…

gradlookupahhh!  we finally figured it out!

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