best workout ever


so here is my little plug… I don’t get any money whatsoever from you buying this, but I am somewhat addicted.  When I was at LA Fitness, I did this Cardio Kickboxing class where we did this thing called “turbo jam.”  It was the thing I was most sad to leave when I moved away from Broadripple.  Well, about a year later I learned that my cousin Lynn had become a TKB instructor (which obviously means turbo kickboxing).  I was so jealous, but she referred me to a dvd I could buy, so I did (well, technically Jeff did, for my birthday).  It’s a little rough to do on carpet, but I love it!  I mean, check out this super fun energetic lady that “teaches” it:

chalenejohnsonSo I’m kicking and punching my way through life… you better watch out!

Here’s the link if you’re interested: Turbo Jam from Amazon.

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