beware of the creepy bathroom…


Anyone female who went to Indiana University School of Medicine and spent her first two years in Indianapolis knows what I am talking about.  There is a bathroom in the basement of the Medical Science building that is just downright creepy.  I visited there again today and it did not let me down.

There are a couple things that make this place weird.  First, when you go inside it is like stepping in to a time machine.  The building all around it has been renovated, but this particular haven of vintage remains.  Maybe they designed restrooms differently back when this building was originally built because for being a massive restroom, it only has two toilets and two small sinks.  It has a foyer of sorts lined with couches (not the nice pretty ones you often find in womens’ restrooms but weird plastic-y ones that were probably drug there when abandonned by some renovated area of the building).  Then you go through a portion with abandonned lockers, although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided they wanted to use one.  I say this because without a doubt, whenever I go into this restroom, someone is sleeping in it.  They go all out too, usually covered by a jacket or material of some sort serving as a blanket.  It is not the same person every time either.  I would venture to say that everytime I have gone in, it is someone different.  These are not medical students, either.  Sometimes they are janitors?  Other employees?  I don’t really know, nor do I linger to find out.  Other times these people are eating in there.  This is a restroom, for goodness sake!!!  It is very strange and very creepy.

One thought on “beware of the creepy bathroom…

  1. Couches?!! You have couches? They may be ugly and uncomfortable but we just have coat hangers.

    I love the guy’s bathroom in the basement of the Daly Ctr and usually use the stall that has its own sink. I went there before and after tests to vomit and breathe a sigh of relief respectively. 🙂 The only downside about that place is that when you leave the stall, not everyone believes that you have already washed your hands.

    Another fave (rustic) BR is the one in Fesler beside the auditorium we always use. What with its radiator and old-style window, it is a nice place to take care of business.

    I can’t think of any creepy men’s bathrooms…I will steer clear of the one you are talking about though.

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