My first official speaking engagement

That makes it sound better than it probably actually was, but I had a real powerpoint and everything!  Jordan Huskins and I presented a workshop at the “Your Church and AIDS conference” in Indy last Saturday.  It was a little hectic with closing on Friday and moving on Sunday, but I was pleased with how everything turned out.  I shared some about my time in Gabon and my interactions with AIDS patients and things that they face, Jordan shared from his time in Kenya, and then we brought it home and talked about our experiences in Indianapolis.  We also shared some common perceptions/misconceptions about AIDS as well as brainstormed some of our own obstacles to “dealing with” AIDS in our own neighborhoods and communities, and especially our churches, hence the title of the conference.  I think we were both surprised by the numbers that turned out and one of our admiring fans even snapped some photos (which, I must say was a little awkward since he was sitting about 2 feet away from us) so I can share those with you.  The first one gives a snapshot of the presentation itself, then you see us enthralled with each others’ presenting.




We will soon be creating an online application form for our speaking services.  Or not.

3 thoughts on “My first official speaking engagement

  1. You and Jordan both did a great job. I can’t wait to see how Trader’s applies the information that was shared that day.

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