the blog about the house

So, this blog is probably too late, but I felt it must be entered anyways.  We found a great house.  It is at 62nd and Guion-ish in Indianapolis– about 12 minutes commute for me to St. Vincent and 15 minutes for Jeff.  We are slowly filling it with furniture and it just gets better every day!  I actually just got back from picking up the dining room table and end tables for the family room.  I have posted pics on facebook, but I will include some updated (and a little less messy) photos here as your reward for reading this outdated blog 🙂


dscn1049dining room with the corner cabinet that I am so proud of (my mom and I painted these the first day after we moved in)


family room that is completely and utterly incapable of having cable TV.  that lamp on the floor will go on one of our new end tables 🙂

dscn1047the new living room furniture and bookcase with books!

dscn1042yay for home-ownership!

The whole thing with comcast is another story.  Apparently our house was not built to have cable on the lower level (i.e. where the living areas are).  Somehow they got it in the living room, but we felt like that room was not set up to view a television very well.  So, we are sticking with the regular broadcast TV that is really all that we ever wanted.  Since it costs more to have just internet than internet+TV we’re just going to have cable TV piped in to our house to nowhere.  I think all of this monopolizing of services should be illegal!

Stay tuned for pics of the finished dining room when all the furniture is built– I can’t wait!

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