One Down, a Lifetime to Go…

This past Sunday, May 10, was our first anniversary of our wedding.  It was an absolutely fabulous day to finish up an amazing weekend.  Senior Banquet for IU School of Medicine was on Friday, followed by Graduation on Saturday (I’ll likely go out of chronological order and post about that stuff later), so this was day #3 of awesomeness.

We started out by going to church, the same church that we were married in.  Aaron, our pastor, gave a sermon about how we need to be Godly influences in our families and be intentional about creating happy and holy family lives.  He used several lines from his typical wedding sermon, so it was appropriate (although all the talk about divorce and infidelity is a bit of a downer on your anniversary).

Next, we went to Rally’s and grabbed some 69 cent burgers to picnic in the gardens of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  Nothing like a great deal on a great day.



After eating, we walked around the gardens and everything was in bloom so it was really pretty.  Unfortunately, it was also Mothers’ Day, so the place was packed.  We also saw several engagement/family photo shoots going on.




After walking around a bit, we went inside the IMA to see a special exhibit called European Design since 1985: Shaping the New Century.


It was a really cool exhibit, especially for Jeff the designer.  We happened to walk in as a tour was starting so we tagged along to try to understand why a printer and fax machine that looked like they belong on my desk in high school were in glass in an exhibit.  Unfortunately, they didn’t explain that, but it was informative nonetheless.  Lots crazy chairs and lamps and other random household items including Swatches and Dyson vacuums.  My fav was a flyswatter with some guy’s face made out of all the little holes.

After the art museum, we went to dinner at the Melting Pot for probably my favorite and longest meal ever.

DSCN1066we started with some fun martinis (Jeff hadn’t even had anything yet, believe it or not!)

cheesefonduethen was cheese fondue with bread, apples, and veggies– it tasted like pizza in a pot- really good pizza that is

DSCN1072I know you really don’t need to see my salad, but it was also amazing.  It was like my #1 favorite salad on top of my #3 favorite salad.

DSCN1073you guessed it- amazing.  tons of meats and sauces in mojo cooking syle


DSCN1077last but not least, chocolate tiramisu fondue with oreo crusted marshmallows, cheesecake, strawberries, etc.



To end our evening, we watched the DVD of our wedding ceremony in its entirety for the first time since it occurred.  O, the memories.

We also re-opened our wedding cake topper and shared that as well.  It was still pretty good!



2 thoughts on “One Down, a Lifetime to Go…

  1. How wonderful to share your life in love with your best friend. It doesn’t matter if it’s a burger or a romantic dinner. Many more happy anniversaries !

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