“our” wildlife

We are loving finding all sorts of new discoveries as our home blooms.  The first thing we found was a bunny nest/hole with 4-5 little bunnies.  I’ve gone back a couple times to find them and take a picture, but they aren’t in the hole anymore.  We still see them hopping around occasionally.  I did get a pic of the mom though.


We also have a few birds’ nests.  One is a dove, according to Jeff, that had one egg and one baby in its nest when we went out there.  It is nesting in the ladder hanging on our fence.  Cozy.



We also have a variety of plant life.  A few irises starting popping up the other day.  They are really pretty!


We also have a really pretty red tree and some nice purple flowers.  (I don’t know any names of anything)


where did jeff go?


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