Meghan, M.D. part 2

Yesterday was my graduation party at my parents’ house.  My mom did a great job with some awesome food and lots of friends came over to celebrate.  It was great fun.  Highlights:

– dad’s grilling i.e. charring most of the meat– Mark Olsen loved it though!

– lawn games.  We pulled out Dave & Wendy’s cornhole again.  Although we all decided it’s too slippery and bouncy, we’re still addicted.  The best part, by far, however was when Mark Firestone lost his glasses.  Playing cornhole.  Check it out (sorry Mark :():

We also played a really fierce game of Bocce ball:


– all the love from friends and family, as evidenced by the massive display of cards received (some of these are for our anniversary, for the record):


Thank you again to everyone for all your support and encouragement!  I love you!

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