This past weekend i.e. utter amazingness

I have missed quite a bit in blogging these last couple weeks, but I cannot let this past weekend go by.  On Friday, Jeff and I went to see Coldplay at Verizon Music Center.  It was a pretty amazing show.  Neither one of us have seen a show that big before.  We went with our friends Becky and Kyle and rocked out the lawn with gaggles of teenagers and young twenty-somethings around us.  Chris Martin puts on a pretty good show, that’s for sure.  There are many pics on Jeff’s facebook.  Here are a few of us and the band (although not together, unfortunately), mostly that Jeff took:

jeffmegcoldplayrockin before the show began

groupcoldplayjeff, me, kyle, becky

bluecoldplayjeff has a sweet zoom lens, this is not really what the rest of us were seeing 😦

chrismartinchris martin– you can’t see his technicolor dreamjacket in this pic unfortunately

purplecoldplaysome neat purple balls

confetticonfetti rockets… naturally

Here are some snipets of the concert:

After the concert, we were given a free live CD (left right left right left) that is actually full length.  So now we can relive the experience over and over and over (i.e. get stuck in my head over and over and over).  We sat in the car without moving for about an hour and then finally made our way home.  Jeff and I stopped for fourth meal at Taco Bell after dropping Becky and Kyle off as we completed the experience of re-living our college days (mine didn’t include Taco Bell, I guess it’s a guy thing…).

Saturday was awesome because we did nothing.  I read, Jeff facebooked.  Then we put our bathroom that I painted back together.


Then we went to Target and got me some new sunglasses since mine fell off my head at the concert and ended up in three pieces instead of one.  Then we watched Casablanca, a movie I’ve been meaning to see for about 5 years.  I can’t say it lived up to 5 years of anticipation, but it was pretty classic.

casablancamovie night with frozen coke and krispykreme donut holes!

Sunday was another amazing day.  Church in the morning, followed by Fellowship on the First young adult lunch at Qdoba.  Then we did a little bit of nothing as we waited for Wicked that night.  Neither of us had ever seen it, but it was amazing.  We of course had the last two seats on the far right in row CC (DD being the last row), but it was still awesome.  We couldn’t really make out any faces, but their voices definitely carried that far.  Wow.

wickedgroupalthough we sat alone, we “went” with a big group of friends

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