Route I-65/I-64/I-75/I-40 Adventure?

As some of you know, several of my friends are on a Route 66 week long adventure this week as they drive the length of the now somewhat fictitious route 66 from LA to Chicago.  I decided to show them that I could get through more than just one road in a week.  My mom and I have embarked on our own little road trip.  I have less than two weeks until I become Dr. Miller for real and have to actually prove I earned that title.  So, I found someone else with vacation time (that took Jeff out of the running) and somewhere to go (my aunt’s house in Charlotte, NC) and we took to the road.

We left at 7:30 this morning and drove to Asheville, NC, following more or less the title of this post.  Not quite as nostalgic as Route 66, but it got the job done.  We are planning on hitting up the Biltmore Estate tomorrow and all its 250 rooms of extravagance.  After we get through with that (or it gets through with us) we are heading to Aunt Dorothy’s house.  Fun fact about Aunt Dorothy is that we got our dog from my childhood from her and appropriately, yet un-originally, named him Toto.

We are staying at the Sleep Inn tonight and have wi-fi, so I thought I’d take advantage and post some pics from Asheville.

churcha cool church building

kitchinplacedoes this remind anyone else of mall madness?  cool lamp though

cheerwinemealdinner at a pretty cool restaurant- lamb gyro and cheerwine!

ashevillebuildingsthen we drove in to downtown Asheville and saw some more cool buildings

5 thoughts on “Route I-65/I-64/I-75/I-40 Adventure?

  1. Glad we can come along on your adventure!

    Here’s your challenge:
    Speak in a British accent when you order the tix at The Biltmore.

    ~The other road trippers

    • aw, unfortunately i didn’t read this until we were way past biltmore… and my mom had already bought the tix online… sorry 😦

  2. Hey, Meghan, you were close to my youngest daughter and her family. They are in Newton, NC, and both Karla and Bill work in Hickory! LeDena and I were there Memorial Day weekend.

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