A new website for Bongolo Hospital in Gabon

This just in! The website I’d been working on for the hospital while we were in Gabon, Africa has finally launched… well, actually it went live over a month ago – I am a little behind in my announcements. My apologies. Part of the reason I’ve been holding out is to see if a few final revisions to content would be made… they have not, and understandably so… the nurse at Bongolo who is in charge of keeping up the website has been quite busy recently preparing for her 6-month home leave to the U.S. So rather than wait forever for perfection that may never come, here it is in its slightly imperfect form. Without further ado, I give you the new, improved Bongolo Hospital website, designed and programmed by yours truly. Your feedback and comments are always welcome.


NEW Bongolo Hospital website

One thought on “A new website for Bongolo Hospital in Gabon

  1. Well despite the lack of content revisions, which was frankly pretty distracting, the website looks great. 🙂 Just joshin’ – I clearly would never have known. I like the layout and photos; nice to see your mug in the visitors section.

    Good work, brother. It must feel good to have this project completed. I am sure it is and will be a HUGE blessing to the staff, patients, and visitors to Bongolo. Congratulations!

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