Days 3 & 4

hardwarestorehardware store in Mooresville

I have not nearly as much to say about days 3 & 4 of my trip- mostly just shopping (thrifting and antiquing to be exact) and eating lots of good food.

Day 3 Aunt Dorothy, mom and I went to Goodwill, a consignment shop, and walked around an outdoor mall.  Then we went to see my cousin Shelley at work.  Unfortunately, she has had to work most of our time here so far, but we are hanging out with her, going to downtown charlotte later today.  We got pizza for dinner and just watched TV and read.

Day 4 we went to a little town called Mooresville to walk around the shops, then we came back and went to some Antique stores.  We stopped in the little town of Davidson, where Davidson College is, to eat lunch at a trendy spot called Toast.  For dinner we went to the Fresh Market (the coolest, most expensive grocery store ever) to grab some food.  After dinner, I went across town to hang out with my friend Sarah Lantz, who I know from med school and is just finishing up her intern year in surgery at Carolinas Med Center.  I was kicking myself when I got home because I forgot to get a pic with her.

Since most of this trip seems to revolve around food, here are some more food-related pics.  As before, there are more photos (not all of food) on facebook.


fried green tomato BLT with baked three cheese mac n cheese



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