the Biltmore Estate


It has been a couple days since we were at Biltmore (let’s see, that was Wednesday and it is now Saturday) but it was pretty amazing.  Apparently it is pretty expensive, but the money goes to keep the house restored, which is quite an undertaking.  For those of you that are not familiar with it, the Biltmore was built by George Vanderbilt in 1895 and was and is the largest private residence in the country.  It has over 250 rooms on some 8000 acres.  The tour takes you through most of the living areas and several samples of the many guest and servant rooms.  Also the indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, gymnasium, etc.  It was an amazing tour.  We also had lunch at the Stable Cafe that used to be, you guessed it, the stable.  It still has the original stalls with booths tucked in each one.  I think my favorite rooms were the library with two floors of solid shelves of books and a spiral staircase tucked in to get to the top and the Louis XV room (where you have babies apparently) with some amazing velvet wallcovering that they just re-opened after renovation this spring.  Unfortunately, you can’t take pics in the house so these will just have to be memories.  Mom did buy the photo they take of you.  I’ll have to take a pic of it and put it on here later.

Then we went outside.  Lots of statues and green areas and views of mountains.  And tons of pretty flowers.  We weren’t even there when most of them were in bloom.  It was slowly getting hotter and hotter, but it was overcast so it wasn’t unbearable.  Lastly, we drove over to the winery and took a little tour and did a tasting.  yay for free samples of wine! 🙂  There are lots more pics on facebook, but here are a few to represent:






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