Day 5- Downtown Charlotte


Finally, we got to hang out with my cousin Shelley on Saturday.  Since she is the “young and hip” one, she took us to downtown Charlotte to see the scene.  First, we of course had to go to a few more antique and thrift stores.  The first one we went to is owned by her mother-in-law.  Then we went to the “Junior League” store.  Usually at antique stores I would end up waiting and at thrift stores, everyone else would end up waiting.

thriftthey’re waiting/ finding the next store

Shelley found another store, but it took us awhile to find it, so it was closed when we got there.  That was fine, because then we got to head to actual downtown.  We walked around a little bit, but didn’t really do anything down there.  As per usual, there are more pics on facebook (not many, added to the same album as before) but here are a few.

citycenterat the “city center” they have statues at all four corners for commerce, transportation, etc

sculpturea really cool sculpture that we got photos in front of

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