Day 6- Blue Ridge Parkway/ Smoky Mtns/ Gatlinburg (& Day 7)

We fit a lot in to this day.  This was also considered “my day,” mom’s day being the day we went to Biltmore.  We drove back to Asheville and then took the Blue Ridge, instead of I-40, back to Gatlinburg.  Jeff used to drive this road frequently as a child on trips and has taken several as an adult as well.  It was not the same without him, but mom had never been on it and thought it was really cool.  I didn’t take that many pictures since Jeff has so many good ones, but we did get out several times to awe at the view.  I think we drove about a 60 mile stretch of road, but it took us over 4 hours.  You know the drill, facebook link, photos:



highestpointI don’t know that this is such an achievement, but Jeff would be disappointed if I didn’t have this photo.

cloudsthe day was overcast and quite foreboding, but it never rained! (this is from the smoky mtns)

hikerWhen we got to the Newfound Gap, I thought it would be cool to see an Appalachian Trail hiker come through.  Then this guy appeared.  I don’t know if he was doing the AT, but I took his picture nonetheless.  I just started reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson about his journey walking the AT, which I thought would be appropriate for this trip, hence my added fascination.  Look for a blog entry at onebookonemonth coming soon! 🙂

After we got through the mountains, we went to the outlet mall by Gatlinburg.  We made it with a few hours of shopping left in us.  As I spotted all of the little “rides,” I was reminded of the last time I went there with several girls and my friend Mark.

ridewhere are you mark?

After shopping, we made our way back in to Gatlinburg.  Luckily, everything there was open until 11pm, although we didn’t last that long.  We walked around a little, made the obligatory fudge purchase, snapped some photos, and called it a night.

gorillathis gorilla greets you at the pirates cove mini golf where we spent the rainy day of our last gatlinburg trip.  i played photographer rather than golfing and had quite a good time.

bluegrassstreet musicians… i thought it was an interesting combo- must be a family?

Day 7 consisted of driving.  That’s it.  Gatlinburg to Indy.  I’m home and saw Jeff and I’m happy.  The End.

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