Prom, the intern, and the bike trip… Last week’s recap

A lot has happened in the last week and a few days… the world lost four celebrities and now I just heard that Disney lost one of its “cast members” in a monorail accident (Mark, I’m glad you’re safe and sound in Indiana!). In our little corner of the world, things have also been hopping, so here’s a little recap for you…

Prom Night – Saturday, June 27

Meghan and I played host to a fun and fairly random event last weekend – our friends Jess and Steph’s Birthday Prom. We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 23 people over, all dressed to the hilt. Most of the evening’s activities took place in our backyard, where we took a lot of great pics of some classic prom poses, danced under the stars to Steph’s prom playlist (which would’ve rivaled any wedding reception DJ’s), and played a game or two of bocce ball (of course!) by the light of paper lanterns.

Inside, we laughed to the point of tears as we listened to Jordan’s hilarious and self-composed musical toast to the two birthday girls. It was definitely a Magical Night to Remember Under the Stars on Broadway.

Dr. Miller’s first day – Wednesday, July 1

In a mysterious overnight transformation, Meghan became Dr. Miller with the power to write prescriptions, order tests, and make vital life-and-death decisions in the care of her patients. No one knows how these powers are suddenly granted, just that they are and that along with them comes the responsibility of knowing what you’re doing and making the right decisions. This all may seem like a piece of cake and child’s play until you realize that her first day of being a doctor was in the ICU where she was surrounded by dying patients and serious medical emergencies. In fact, no sooner had she completed the walking tour of the floor than she got her first page and was soon thereafter confronted with the death of her first patient (no, it was not her fault!). Needless to say, it has been a highly challenging first few days, although things have seemed to calm down a bit over this weekend. She’ll be on ICU for this month, working 11- to 13-hour shifts everyday except for the four days she’ll get off this month. Please be praying for her stamina and quick “learning of the ropes” as she gradually begins to feel more and more like the real doctor that she is.

The 25-miler – Friday, July 3

the route

Our route from our house (A) to White River State Park (B)… more or less

Meghan and I both had the day off on Friday, and we had made no definite plans since Meghan was feeling exhausted from the last two days of work. So we decided to take it easy and just go on a fun little bike ride around our neighborhood and beyond. Well, the “beyond” turned into something a little more than just “fun” and “little.” In talking to our next door neighbor Joe, he informed us that there was a bike route that existed to get from our neighborhood (located at the 62nd Street level on the map above) all the way to White River State Park downtown, all the way avoiding major roadways. Well, we half paid attention to his directions at the time, but enough that when we tried looking it up on our own before we left, we came up with a fairly clear picture of how to do it. When we left our house, I don’t think either of us had honest intentions of making it that far, but as we guessed our way along the route and kept being rewarded with progress, we finally decided to go for it and arrived downtown an hour and a half later. What followed after that was some of the most brutal agony I have endured in recent memory. Having chosen not to bring my wallet along or any means of purchasing power, we were not able to stop and eat a quick lunch or even buy a sno-cone from the ice cream truck we passed. Fortunately, we had a bottle of water along, but that did little to relieve the searing pain in my legs with each downward stroke of the pedals. This is mostly a story of how badly I am out of shape… Meghan faired much better than me. After stopping every half mile or so to walk and over two and a half hours later, we finally made it back into our driveway. I proceeded to throw my helmet across the yard in anger and painful frustration (and embarrassment?) and crawled into the house. We spent the rest of the day recovering on the sofa, watching movies and the PBS Create channel (broadcast TV definitely has its limitations).

Google Maps informed me that our little route had covered around 25 miles… 15 miles longer than I had ever biked before in one go. Looking back, now that my legs work again and the bicycle seat imprint has left my bottom, I’m glad we did it and, other than the way back up, it really was fun and a pretty empowering experience to have traveled all the way to the heart of the city by our own means. Kind of makes me wish that I worked close enough to make my commute on two wheels everyday instead of four.

One thought on “Prom, the intern, and the bike trip… Last week’s recap

  1. a few comments:
    1. I totally have all those little books they are holding and yes, you will usually find one of them in my hands looking something up.
    2. props for posting the google map- somehow seems more impressive to me now
    3. Not so sure the seat imprint is gone, but it was fun and I concur that I would love to bike to work… strangely enough this would likely be harder than getting all the way downtown.

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