on Nights…


Now I am seeing my new home from the other side of the clock.  Starting on Sunday, I switched to nights in the ICU.  Sunday was rough because I worked from 7AM Sunday morning until 8AM Monday morning.  This is not that rare in the world of residency, but we only do one of these shifts in the ICU since ICU tends to be a little more intense than the rest of the hospital.  I will continue working 6PM-8AM for the rest of this week and half way in to next week (I do get one day off… woot!).  The work itself isn’t too bad unless we get a lot of new patients.  I have been able to read and even finish a book and watch some cable TV, which is a treat.  I get some sleep (hopefully) at night at then grab some more during the day at home.  I have been able to enjoy the nice weather more than when I was on days, also a plus.  The big downside however is that I don’t get to see Jeff.  I got out a little early today and saw him before he went to work, but for the most part we just miss each other on both sides.  I feel like a circadian-challenged bachelorette which is and will get old quick.  On the up-side, work in the ICU is getting a little bit less overwhelming every day and some days I even believe that I am, in fact, Dr. Miller.

One thought on “on Nights…

  1. Hey Meghan… I mean, Dr. Miller… I remember my week of nights in the St V’s ICU as a student last year. I felt bad for the interns who were on for the week with me, plus the following week. But I’m confident you will survive, and Jeff will be as glad as you when you are back on a daytime schedule.
    I’m on surgery this first month. Q4 call. The month will be half over tomorrow, and I’m on call tomorrow for the 4th time – 7a-1p. Then next month is OB with a week of night float. Followed by ICU – Q4. And then OB again with another week of nights.
    All that to say, I feel your pain. And I will continue to feel your pain for the next several months…. 😉
    Any chance you and Jeff are going to the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville in November? I get vacation that week, so Amber and I have plans to spend the week with my parents and swing down to Louisville for the conference on Thurs-Sat.
    Hope you are doing well. Hang in there. I hear it only gets better.
    kent <

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