Things keep a-growin’

From time to time you’re going to have to put up with a few of our “Oh, look at our house, we love it so much, and we just want to share it with you!” type of posts. Annoying, I know. I apologize that this is one of those, but some of you seem to enjoy watching things progress, grow, and mature just about as much as we do, so this one’s for you! 🙂

More news on the flower bed/garden front… We’ve had this giant green bush in our backyard under the dining room window that has just grown and grown all spring and summer long without giving us anything pretty to look at. Mostly, it had become somewhat of a nuisance and eyesore. Then, about a month ago or more I started noticing hundreds of green buds popping up… so we got a little excited to see what would come.



Weeks passed by with no sign of change. We were starting to question whether the buds were even buds to begin with. And then, overnight…



…giant pink flowers! Anyone know what these are called? They look kinda tropical to me, almost like they would be in the same family as the hibiscus. They don’t last very long, but there’s so many of them, the bush seems to be constantly full of color. I guess it was worth the long wait.

Our garden is also starting to finally yield some signs of producing fruit. Last I counted there were 11 tomatoes on the way and we’ve enjoyed a few very small red ripe strawberries.



We have a lot more photos to share but decided to put them into a Facebook album with the rest of our “around the house” shots. Check them out if you’re intrigued. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Things keep a-growin’

  1. One of you is a really good photographer–or maybe both of you. I went to facebook and enjoyed all the pics. Thanks for sharing! I am so grateful for you to have such a lovely home and yard.

    Jim Ewing

  2. I love that I knew this was a Jeff post by the title. 🙂 Your pink flowers are very pretty. Sorry I didn’t notice yesterday!

  3. Jeff- I think you’re right. The shrub you have is called a Hibiscus syriacus. I think. There are some other shrubs of the hibiscus variety that are similar to what you have. Enjoy!

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