Mountain Mama

Howdy y’all!  Jeff and I just got back yesterday from a long weekend trip to West Virginia.  We wanted to get as far away as we could without spending the whole weekend driving there and back.  So we settled on WV.  We sort of did end up driving quite a bit because we drove through a large part of the state, but it’s a small state.  We saw lots of cool nature stuff.  We did not see a lot of people.  We spent two nights in a very small tent and one in a Holiday Inn Express with a really sweet breakfast.  We saw two friends from our past.  I’ll save the rest for the video.  5 stars for West Virginia!!

4 thoughts on “Mountain Mama

  1. Those harmonies of “Country Roads” touch deep places in my soul…almost as much as stalactites and stalagmites…

    Looks like you all had a great trip! Thanks for sharing your video.


  2. You guys are awesome. Looks like a great trip! Meg, I hope to someday acquire your mad video skillz.

    Love the mention of Eeyore, and traditional “Jeff waving” photo. 🙂

  3. Meg and Jeff,
    Love the video. Holiday Inn sounds good….camping not so much. Glad you could get away and spend some time together after last month’s ICU challenge. Hope to see you soon

    Mom K

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your video. You guys are awesome, glad I’m related to you! The waterfalls were awesome, also. I especially enjoyed the grist mill narrative, especially since I has a little to do with it. Right now it is upstairs, I usually put it up in the fall. But since I redid the living room, not sure I will be switching pictures as much. Do you have a place for it? It was fun going along for the ride. You guys have a real knack with the camera/video.

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