Impromptu Miller Family Reunion


About a month ago we headed north to Shipshewana, IN to visit with Jeff’s aunt and uncle who had just come back from the mission fields of Romania.  They are acting as foster parents for young adults that age out of foster homes but aren’t quite ready for the real world yet.  I believe they have been gone for two years and are back for one month (they may be back in Romania already at this point).  Jeff’s parents were going to be going through that weekend and we figured we should go when they were there to visit.  We didn’t know that almost the whole rest of the Miller clan would be there.  Jeff’s uncle, Leroy, is Jeff’s dad’s brother.  There are four siblings:

IMG_3654John (Jeff’s dad), Leroy, Fred, Lucy

Between them there are many kids and grandkids, many of which are in the photo above.  We didn’t know that many people were showing up, but we were glad we were there!

IMG_3649Lots of sitting around talking,

IMG_3647pony rides,

IMG_3643eating dirt,

IMG_3672singing songs together (with hand motions!),

IMG_3693playing softball,

IMG_3698checking out the ducks Jeff’s cousin raises on his farm,

broomphotoand? … maybe Romania is getting to her…

It was great for me to meet several family members that I hadn’t met before and hang out on a farm.  We also went around Shipshewana a bit and had dinner at the Essenhaus restaurant- quality Amish home-cooked goodness.  Always fun to see all the Amish on their buggies.  Jeff’s family is Mennonite so they are simple, but they also have cars.  It was somewhat of a learning experience for me, but it was not as hard as I might have thought to hang out with a bunch of Mennonites… it was quite fun actually!  Looking forward to future Miller family fun!

IMG_3659us with Jeff’s parents

One thought on “Impromptu Miller Family Reunion

  1. Yes, it was a lovely day, I am glad you were able to come. Great pictures, look a lot like some of mine! By the way, Dad’s parents were Mennonites, but Leroy’s are what are known as Conservatives or Beachy. Ask Dad in case I am wrong.

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