$2 Tuesday, the Horsetel, and some sweet Sax…

August turned out to be pretty awesome.  Not only was in unseasonably cool, but I was on a easy hours outpatient rotation.  I’d say we made pretty good on the month.

Right after we got back from WV, we headed out to the State Fair for our annual artery clogging.


This year, we clogged ourselves in $2 increments on $2 Tuesday.  We both got in for only $2 total, and then all the food vendors had a $2 item that was special for that day.  Lots of hot dogs and corndogs, but we did manage to find some good stuff.  Not sure if I’ll remember the whole list, but we got cheese sticks, a small elephant ear, a large soda, corn, corndog for Meg, chicken parfait for Jeff, deep fried cookie dough, some form of meat on a stick for Jeff… and something else.


deep-fried cookie dough… yum and a half

chocbaconwe did not, however, get the chocolate-covered bacon

Our next August adventure was the all family medicine resident retreat in Brown County.  We went down Saturday to the “Buck Inn Horsetel.”


This place is a barn on the bottom and a lodge on the top.  The residency had rented out the whole thing (well, not the horse part) for the night.  We played lots of horseshoes.  Some people went horseback riding and some went canoing, but we just walked the paths, dodging the horse poop.  There were a lot of residents and significant others there so it was good to hang out with these people that I will be spending the next three years of my life with.  It was good for Jeff to meet family members too and share their lives as the person beyond the medicine.  We stayed overnight and then came back Sunday.  O yeah, and we had some really awesome s’mores– love love love.

After all these busy weekends, we decided to wind it down a little for the last weekend of my free-weekend month and we hit up a little Jazz concert downtown on the lawn at White River State Park.  It was beautiful and actually got a little chilly as fall has headed our way.




The lady who was the main musician for the concert was a little crazy, but a really good violin player.  It was called Cathy & friends or something like that, so she had all these guests play/sing with her.  She was kind of obsessed with all of her “friends” and it seemed like each one that came up she had written a song for that she was just dying to hear them play.  She was probably the most gushy over the saxophone player.  He was good, but she just kept yelling out “Rob… Rob!” (I think was his name) and it was almost embarrassing in the audience.  The music was great though.  Such was the end of our August!


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