October redemption… November apprehension

Here’s a quick follow-up post.

Not everything in October sucked. Meghan and I had our first experience hosting a life (small) group in our home with a majority of people we had never met or hung out with before. We have greatly enjoyed getting to know each member of our group (which has already grown to 15 people!) and sharing in a time of connecting and growing through a six-week “starter” study on how we are to love and serve others/each other. It’s been great to hear people’s stories and how God is truly working in their lives right now. After the six weeks, all the new group leaders in our church had the option of going back to the life groups they came from, however, Meghan and I felt compelled to continue leading our group indefinitely. We’re trying to figure out what our next study will be, but we are excited for what God is going to do with the group and in our own lives moving forward!

There’s at least one thing about November that I’m not so happy about, and that’s my jury duty summons. I have to call each night this entire week to see if I have to make an appearance downtown at the city/county building the following day. A co-worker of mine just recently received a summons herself, but her group was never called to come in, so I’m hoping for a similar result this week. My group number is 30 and today they called for groups 1-6 and 91 to show up tomorrow morning. Not sure what to make of that randomness. I’m praying that this responsibility will pass over me this time around.

2 thoughts on “October redemption… November apprehension

  1. Hey Jeff,
    Sounds like you and Amber need to become blog buddies. I also had an October of long hours and a week of night shifts. My week was going to top out at 95 hours, but in an act of mercy from God, in the middle of my last of 7 nights I got sick and got sent home only a couple hours into the night – turns out I had the swine flu and got to take the next 3 days off. I’m not sure if that was any better for Amber or not… “not seeing Kent” vs. “sick Kent quarantined to the bedroom.”
    We also have a much nicer November planned, with vacation to Indy coming up at the end of this week. Our plans for that week include sitting on the couch at my parents’ house doing a whole lot of nothing, and then going to the GMHC conference in Louisville at the end of the week.
    Any chance we’ll see you guys at the conference?
    Hope you escape jury duty and end up having a relaxing, enjoyable November of normalcy.
    kent <

    • hey kent!
      i will be at the conference (jeff doesn’t have vacation time or desire to be a medical person)… i’ll actually be at a table representing st. vincent with Dr. Henein– he works at our residency now! we’re upstairs, so stop by to see us. or give me a call… i can try catching you if you still have the same phone number. have a good november!!

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