Why October sucked and why November won’t

Okay, that title is a little harsh, but sometimes reality is harsh. Here are some reasons why October was not so fun…

  1. Feeling single again. My single friends will probably hate me for complaining about this, but once you’ve found the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, well… that’s precisely what you want to do all the time. October is usually the month when group activities begin to gear up… fun stuff like our annual trip to the orchard to pick out our pumpkins, our annual Halloween costume party, and the Trunk or Treat event at our church. This month, because of Meghan’s work schedule, I attended all of these events without her. I’d say my fun level at these really fun events was cut by at least 40%. Now, before my friends all yell at me for not appreciating their company at these events, I must say that my friends are great, and if it weren’t for them, their encouragment, and shared laughs, I wouldn’t have been able to get through this month as well as I did. So thanks to all of you who put up with my mopiness at these events and in between!
  2. Challenges at work. You all know I work at a church, and you’re all probably thinking, “How bad could that possibly be?” Well, it’s not bad. It’s actually quite great, but challenges still arise from time to time. Yes, we are in a period again of staff transition which can always feel a little hectic, but most of the challenges I am talking about are internal ones related to my being a designer. I’ve struggled with creativity, feelings of inadequacy, personal frustrations, future goals/direction, and attitude this past month. These things are nothing new… I’ve struggled with all of them before, but for some reason, I felt the strain of all of them lately. Yet, I keep pushing through…
  3. Mom’s surgery. My mom had a second total knee-replacement surgery this past Monday. That leaves no old knees left to replace. 🙂 She got through the surgery just fine, but Tuesday when I visited was in a lot of pain. An answer to prayer, she was able to go home from the hospital as planned a few days later on Thursday. There is still pain and difficulty getting around, and physical therapy will take months. Please lift her up in prayer for the pain, the therapy, and for Dad as he takes care of her.
  4. A week of nights. This last one is me venting on Meghan’s behalf. Her schedule on Internal Medicine switched to nights this last week of October. We’ve been through this before, and it is never fun, but this one especially seemed taxing on her and I both. Her normal schedule this week has been to go in at 5:45 pm and finish by either 7 or 8 am the following morning. If you do the math, then you can figure out that that only leaves about 8 hours of “home” time each day minus the commute. And can you guess what one might do with those 8 hours? Yes, sleep… as best you can with the sunlight peeking through the cracks in the blinds. She has also worked every night this week (7 in a row) with tonight being her last night shift, transitioning seamlessly into her first shift of her next rotation of Outpatient Pediatrics tomorrow morning through to tomorrow evening. Added up, a work week in excess of 90 hours. First of all, I’ve never done that in my life and probably neither have you. She has been an amazing trooper through it all, and would never complain in conversation or on here about it, which is why I’m doing it for her in order to applaud her efforts and give her the respect that she is due. Meg, you rock!

And now, reasons why I’m confident that November will be a desperately needed breath of fresh air:

  1. Meg’s new schedule. A more manageable day shift, 8 to 5ish, with weekends off. Hooray!

  2. Here’s where we’re headed from Nov 18 through 22. The trip is booked and the reservations made. This will be our first real vacation (meaning, not staying with family or friends or road-tripping it to a nearby state park/campsite) since our honeymoon. We’re both looking forward to the R&R and a chance to spend time together after all this time apart.

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