Yay for weekends!

I have my second day off in a row today.  It is really fabulous.  I am on “home call” which means I get called about kids that are sick, but I don’t have to go anywhere, just answer phone calls.  Yesterday we made good on our continued avowal to decorate our home.  We compiled a bunch of picture frames and other decor that we had registered for but hadn’t gotten around to displaying.  Then we went through about 2000 pictures from our wedding, engagement session, and honeymoon that we hadn’t gotten around to printing.  Jeff did his photoshop thing and we printed a bunch of them and put them in the frames.  Then we measured, leveled, re-measured, re-leveled, and hung everything.  It pretty much took all day, but we are very proud that we actually got it done.

IMG_4394Ta Da!

You’ll have to come over to see the pics up close 🙂  Sorry if you live in another state… or country…  It was great to get something done.  Jeff has been quite productive with me working all the time and our lawn is looking quite nice.  I have a tendency to get ideas about doing things but then fail to follow through.  We were definitely at this point with this room.  I had laid out all the frames in this order months ago, but then didn’t get the pictures picked out.  It definitely took a team effort to get started and keep going on it.  Go team!

3 thoughts on “Yay for weekends!

  1. Love the arrangement, great job! Can’t wait to see it. Glad you have some time off Meghan. Hope you can get some rest before the next tough rotation comes along.

    Mom K

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