Global Missions Health Conference

IMG_0039This past weekend (Thursday-Saturday), I was in Louisville, KY for the Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC).  This was my third time at the conference, but my first time representing my new-ish employer, St. Vincent Family Medicine Residency.  We apparently are trying to bulk up our international focus and are trying to figure out how that intertwines with missions at a Catholic hospital, but not necessarily Catholic Residency Program.  I was there with Dr. Henein, who is pictured above.  He has only been working at St. Vincent for a couple months, so we have two of the shortest careers at St. Vincent trying to answer all these questions about the program.  It went well, though, and I think it was good for the program to be represented at the conference.

The conference was also great because I got to see a lot of IUSM friends that have moved all around the country.  I was very encouraged by their presence!

The weekend was rather convicting to me as I listened to many speakers and worshiped with all those around me.  I am encouraged to “go”… wherever it may be that God is willing me to go.  I learned about ways to get involved in the community.  I was warned about making idols of people and things around me that prevent me from following God as I am led.  Ironically, we are also in a series called “gods at war” at church that talks about making idols in our lives that continued to convict me this morning at church.

It was also Missions Sunday this weekend at Traders’ Point.  So it was definitely a missions weekend.  I will attempt to explain my emotions towards these juxtaposed missional activities.  At GMHC there are big name speakers and missionaries from all over the world as well as people that feel the call to go but have not yet gone.  This is very powerful and the worship in that room is very God-filled and God honoring.  However, as I continue through my medical education, it seems to me that God is calling me more to work with the underserved in our own country.  Not to take away from what GMHC is, but I actually felt just as much if not more power with my home church celebrating what we can do in our own community.  Shout out to Ryan Church for making a great video representing the efforts from Beyond the Walls.  We just need to keep getting out there.  I need to keep getting out there.

One thought on “Global Missions Health Conference

  1. Your mother is glad to hear that you are feeling called to serve in this country. I am certain that you can change the world for the better wherever you choose to call home.


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