NYE Extravaganza

This post is a little out-dated, but I couldn’t find any time to write it last week since I was working nights.  This year we did something a little different for New Years Eve.  Every year, we celebrate the birthday of our friend Kelly and this year was her 30th, so we wanted to do something great for her.  We decided to do a progressive dinner with movies, specifically her favorite movies, as the theme.  We had the appetizers at our house with the movie theme “Finding Nemo.”  I had a lot of fun coming up with food names to go with this theme and we had a pretty awesome last minute decorating spree (go team!).

our "Bloaties, with and without spikes," "Sea Salt Ocean Dippers," Nemo dip, "Dory's Memory-Enhancing Veggies," and... poor Jacques

Jess and Steph in our "ocean"

Next stop was at Steph’s house with the movie theme “Terminator 2” and the main course of lasagne.  Jeff and I posed in front of the newly updated New Year sign.  It has been around in various forms since 2006 and we are committed to continuing to use it!

some of us (i.e. Jeff and I) dressed up as our fav movie characters- I am the Princess Bride and he is Indiana Jones/Woody from Toy Story/Billy Crystal from City Slickers/that guy from Jurassic Park

Lastly we went to Dave and Wendy’s for dessert- another Melissa Olsen amazing trifle awesomeness.  We watched “13 going on 30” going into midnight to end Kelly’s first day of 30-dom.  Dave and Wendy provided some awesome 80’s candy, of course including Razzles… which really aren’t that good I now remember.

Pop Rocks!

the guest of honor!

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