The African plains of our upstairs

It has been quite awhile since we posted.  We have both been working mega-hours.  We finally had some time off together this weekend so we finished the guest bedroom.  About a month ago we realized we had been in our house almost a year and had hardly touched the guest bedroom from when we moved in.  It was kind of our “waste basket” room where we put all the extra odds and ends.  Plus it was a not-so-lovely shade of bright teal.  The before:

So, two weekends ago we emptied the room and primed it.  Last weekend we painted it- yellow with an accent wall of brown.  This weekend we put all the furniture back in, hung decorations, and actually organized the room.  It feels so good to have it done!!!  We got the office a little more put together too, which is nice.

We used all of the African decor I have collected over my many trips there.  Never thought I’d be able to use all this stuff and I’m excited at how great it looks!

Jeff made these frames out of some bamboo-y reeds that we cut from our back yard last fall!

I'm so proud of my shelves! All of our wooden figurines and fabrics!

6 thoughts on “The African plains of our upstairs

  1. Very cool! I’m working on a similar decor using the material/carvings from Africa as well 🙂 Glad you were able to finish your project, it looks great!

  2. Just to let you know, if you ever come to visit us again, you will have to be our interior decorators for the day. Looks great!

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